Our mission

Bring joy to every guest and make every restaurant partner successful.


Our story

A founder of Joyous once invested in a restaurant. It had delicious food, great ambience and top-class customer service. It was a successful business, but it reached a stage where revenue became flat. The restaurant didn’t see sufficient customers on a daily basis for a sustained healthy profit margin. Customer surveys were great, and satisfaction was very high, but the restaurant lacked the tools to convert these assets into an increased customer base. None of the available online and offline tools helped increase and sustain revenue. These marketing channels simply cost more than the sustained benefits they provided. Without better tools, hoping that satisfied customers return with their friends seemed like the only option – but “hope” is not a strategy, and “hope” doesn’t help increase the customer base.

The owners talked to many other restaurant operators, and they all shared this common realization – that restauranteurs need all of their time to run the business and provide the great service that keeps customers coming back. The time and expense of running customer engagement on a daily basis is too much.

This is why we started Joyous! It is our mission at Joyous to work with restauranteurs as partners so they can focus on what they do so well, and we can focus on customer acquisition and retention for them through our automated marketing.  Our measure of success is bringing more guests to partner restaurants every day and helping bring joy to every guest. We believe so strongly in our mission that we don’t require any contracts, we don’t take a cut from each transaction, and we won’t charge our business partners any money until we bring paying customers into their restaurants! There is never any additional charge to diners.

We are a team of professionals with decades of experience in software development, marketing and customer service. We are backed by investors and advisors who believe in our mission and provide the support needed for the long haul.

Joyous is built by restauranteurs for restauranteurs